The safety of employees, stakeholders and the general public is a core value of the Clyde Companies. We recognize the responsibility we have to maintain a safe environment for everyone involved in projects for which we participate or have oversight. Preparation is key to ensuring worksite safety. Clyde Companies makes every attempt to prevent injury and protect everyone on the job by carefully maintaining the following safety standards and protocols.

We reward our employees for being safe in the various projects and jobs. We reward them with Safety Bucks. Safety Bucks can be used right here on the Clyde Companies Store on a variety of products. From apparel, gift cards, and much more.

To learn more about Safety Bucks contact your manager or contact Ishmael Tilialo at 801-802-6941 or if you have any questions.

Safety Bucks Geneva Rock

To learn more about Safety Bucks for Geneva Rock, contact Terrie Nielsen
Administrative Assistant
1565 W – Orem

Safety Bucks W. W. Clyde

To learn more about Safety Bucks for WW Clyde, contact Stacy Heperi Safety Administration Assistant Corporate Office – Orem

Safety Buck Fullfillment

For questions on fulfillment of your Safety Bucks order, contact Ishmael Tilialo at 801-802-6941 or


o not create your own account. An account has already been created for you using your employee ID as your username. Sign into your account using the following info:

User ID:
  • WWC username: Add a “2” before employee number (e.g. 2 _ _ _ _ _)
  • GRP username: Add “3” before employee number (e.g. 3_ _ _ _ _)

If you are logging in for the first time, simply use “password” (without quotes) for your password. You can then change your password from your “My Account” page to whatever you like. If you forgot your password you can reset it via the login page by clicking the “Lost Password?” link. Please try this link (and check your spam) before contacting support.

Under the Safety Store, you can cash out your Safety Points into physical Safety Bucks by “purchasing” Safety Bucks in increments of $50 and $100.  You do this by applying your Safety Points discount at checkout (CLICK THE “APPLY DISCOUNT” BUTTON AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THE SCREEN ON THE CHECKOUT PAGE).These will automatically be mailed to your home address listed under your account. You can use these safety bucks at the approved retailers.

Once you have logged onto this account,  change your password and make sure your correct email is listed under your account so we can contact you if you have any questions about your order.

For step by step instructions with pictures, click HERE.

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